Understanding When The Rapture Is

Understanding When The Rapture Is
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Before we can begin to understand when the rapture is, we must first understand what the rapture is. If you’re a born again Christian you believe that you’re going to go to heaven when you die. You also believe that God is coming back for his people.

According to the apostle Paul, the Bible states that when the seventh trumpet sounds that those who are dead in Christ will be raised up and changed. They will rise to heaven.

The rapture, also referred to as the second coming of Christ, is when he returns for his children. According to the Bible we’ll be caught up into the clouds with him and meet him there.

In 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18, we’re told that “16 The Lord himself comes down from heaven, with a loud order, with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise up first. 17 After that, those who are still alive and left will be caught up with them in clouds to meet the Lord up in the air. And we will be with the Lord always. 18 Thus encourage each other with these words.”

The plan is all laid out and the rapture is all foretold throughout the old and new testaments. In Mark 13:32 Gods word tells us that “No man knows the day nor the hour”. The Bible goes on to state that on man, no angel, only God himself knows when the rapture will occur.

It’s important to note that the Bible doesn’t use the exact word ‘the rapture’. It does tell us of the rapture but in the Bible the verbiage is simply that God will come back for his people at the second coming.

Thus if you’re seeking these scriptures you’re much more likely to find them if you use a complete search phrase in lieu of the term ‘rapture’.

To be saved one must believe in Christ. In Ephesians 2:8 we’re told that we’re saved by grace and that not of ourselves it’s God’s gift to us.

Thus, if we’re seeking to be caught up in the rapture we must first believe in Him and we must have the faith that we’ll be caught up with him at that moment in time.

Our loved ones who have passed on will also be there and waiting for us to join up with them. The Bible frequently refers to souls as reaping the harvest. In this fashion the plan of salvation is laid out and the story of the second coming is laid out as the rapture.

Those who believe eagerly await his return for his people. Those who don’t believe occasionally wonder about it and some of them investigate it and in time become believers.

The rapture will happen when God’s timing sets it in motion. Whether it be before, in the midst of or after the tribulation is strongly debated amongst believers and non believers alike. The rapture is God’s return for his children.

The Holy Spirit Is The Other Advocate Sent By God

Christ came down to this earth with a very important mission to accomplish on behalf of humanity. The exact purpose of that mission was to restore humanity back to God by giving them eternal life. Praise God, this very mission was accomplished both victoriously and successfully the moment He voluntarily gave His life and resurrected three days later.

Having said that, there’s another important mission that must be fulfilled in the lives of people who have believed in Christ. It’s a continual transformation that must happen in the lives of these individuals. The purpose of that transformation is to enable people to actually become whom God has always wanted them to be through His Son.

It’s in fact the transformation that will display plainly the infinite power of Christ’s death on the lives of those who believe in Him (2 Corinthians 5:17). So that’s the main reason the Holy Spirit was sent by God in order to indwell His children. His job is to empower us daily, so that we can live a fulfilling, victorious, and fruitful life for the glory of God. In other words, His job is to empower us to do the very things that we would have never been able to do within our human ability.

Before Christ actually went to heaven, He had a great conversation with His disciples regarding that very person whose coming was imminent. He told them that He will ask God the Father to send them another advocate who’s famously known as the Helper according to the account of (John 14:16).

So the term “another” means someone who’ll be just like Him. Someone who will be as caring, supportive, loving, compassionate, and protective as He has always been to them. He spoke about different roles that person will play in their lives such as leading them into all truth, reminding them of everything He said, and teaching and helping them to understand the Word of God.

The Spirit of God is the agent who’s working through every believer on a constant basis in order to make them become more and more like Christ. His job is to reveal Christ to us, and empower us to live a life that brings Him glory. He’s the One who bears witness with our human spirit that we’re children of God (Romans 8:16). What an awesome privilege!

It’s unfortunate that many want to remain children of Satan due to their constant refusal to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord. He’s the One reminding us of whom we are in Christ. He’s the One who enables us to resist the devil along with his field of temptation that he’s unleashing on us. Lastly, the Christian life we’re living is based on what He is doing through us. See faith in God.

Ventura County Room Additions

Increase The Value Of Your House With a Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel
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ventural county room additionsRemodeling your kitchen and bathrooms is one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your house. This is especially true if the house is old, and the kitchen and bathrooms are outdated. Upgrading the fixtures, tiles, colors and style is important, as those are the rooms that tend to decide sales more so than any other. While living rooms, bedrooms and other areas can easily be personalized, but there is only so much you can do to your bathroom and kitchen if the style, cabinets and fixtures are outdated.

While it is true that everyone has their own personal style, if you are planning on remodeling in order to sell the house try to design a room that is flexible, and not too bold. For example, avoid an extremely themed look, like roosters or peaches, opting instead for a theme that is versatile and will appeal to a wider audience. The best way to determine this is to do your research beforehand to find the trends that are the most popular.

If you are keen on a theme thing of something basic, such as a country style or old world style kitchen theme. This will give the room a cohesive look, without it being too overwhelming. Depending on where you live, it could be helpful to ask around for input to help you determine what the best course of action would be.

Other than choosing a design, the next most important thing is ensuring you hire a good contractor to do the job well, and leave the rooms exactly how you envisioned. In order to make an informed decision it’s important that you do your homework, ensuring the company your is the best one for the job. Asking the right questions, and making sure they have the right amount of experience are both extremely important.

Ask friends and family for recommendations of contractors in the area who specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. This will help you avoid blind hiring and give you a better chance at being happy with the out come. Once you have a list or recommended companies, you can do your own research to choose the best one for your situation based on experience, reputation, customer satisfaction, and cost.

Other than the items mentioned above, make sure the company you hire is fully insured and bonded, helping you avoid being held liable for injuries that might occur while the work is being done.

If you are selling your house and looking for away to increase resale value, upgrading your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to accomplish that. As some of the most integral parts of the house, outdated, broken or poorly designed kitchen and bathrooms can steeply decrease the value of the home, as well as scaring away potential buyers. Choosing popular styles in neutral colors is the best way to ensure your home appeals to as many people as possible in Los Angeles, Ventura County, and Orange County.